Thursday, April 13, 2006

Burlington UVM Wednesday evening

We arrived in Burlington late Wednesday afternoon. Drove past a tent city protesting poverty on campus.
The room for the event was a ridiculously ornate one in the Waterman Building, apparently where the UVM board meets. But the event was a little to left of your typical board meeting.

We had solidarity greetings from the local chapter of CAN given by Mary, a student at UVM and Ben from Burlington Says No to War also spoke. At its height, the crowd reached about 60.

We met Drew Cameron from IVAW (we didn't know he was here, otherwise, we would have had him up as part of the panel) who asked a great question about the use of depleted uranium in Iraq—similar to the use of Agent Orange by the US during the war in Vietnam. I think we'll try and get him to come be part of the event in boston on Friday.

I hope people involved in these events will comment on what they thought and add to what I've left out. (I'm a first-time blogger and being on the road makes internet access spotty at best).


Blogger Bekah said...

It's really great to see how those random encounters can occur on tours. Here in Ithaca, Anthony signed a book for a daughter of Peter DeMott, one of the Saint Patrick's Day Four who are serving time for the "crime" of protesting the brutal war in Iraq. The young woman said she would send it to her Dad in prison. It just shows that "taking the show on the road" helps all of us in the antiwar community feel more connected.

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